The Martial Art of Joy

Welcome to the JOYkwondo Experience


JOYkwondo can be addictive, and you may experience the urge to practice these joy exercises on a very regular basis. As a result, you may develop a new sense of self identity, which may cause you to fear nothing. Increased joy and confidence levels may confuse your friends or pets. Side effects include addiction to cultivating relationships and developing close bonds with others. This may lead to creating happy memories and general satisfaction in life. You’ve been warned.



joy . kwahn . doh


The Martial Art of Joy; The Way of Punching with Joy

JOYkwondo provides exercises that you can practice EVERY DAY to tone up your natural-born rock star superpowers! Train up so that you can tackle the life situations most people run away from.

Get your black belt in JOYkwondo and NEVER BE DEFEATED AGAIN!!

JOYkwondo Exercises Part 1:

Find Your Joy

Intro: The Importance & Power of Joy

#1: Joy Journal

#2: Your Favorite Things

#3: Power Pose

#4: Power Smile

#5: Your Alter Ego

#6: Battle Cry


JOYkwondo Exercises Part 2:

Joy Maintenance

#7 : The Problem with “Can’t”

#8: Grow Your Hand

#9: You Have More Authority Than You Realize

#10: Your Joy Shield

#11: What Are You Listening To?

#12: Food for Thought

#13: Go Outside and Play

#14: Freedom Always Wins

#15: Nothing to Fear

#16: Life is Rigged in Your Favor

#17: Affirmations

#18: Signs and Inner Wisdom


JOYkwondo Exercises Part 3:

Joy as a Superpower

#19: Dealing with Bullies and Difficult People

#20: It’s OK to be Sad, Just Don’t Stay There

#21: Your Love Language

#22: Give Joy to Get Joy

#23: Remembering Someone’s Name

#24: The Unforgettable Triple Whammy Greeting

#25: Get Someone Excited

#26: Invisible Act of Kindness

#27: Being Seen and Heard

#28: Being Known and Understood

#29: Joy Journal Findings

JOYkwondo Black Belt