Your Power Smile

Begin by completely relaxing your body and face. This will give you a nice blank canvas to work with. Now I want you to imagine being in what some people call “the zone”. You know you’re in “the zone” when you’re being your best you, and you know EXACTLY who you are. You’re a rock star, a magnet, a mastermind. Everybody loves you, and everybody wants to be you. You’re doing what you love, and you’re crushing it!

For this exercise, you can either remember a time in your past when you felt unstoppable, or you can just vividly imagine a moment that would cause you to feel extremely powerful. Spend as much time as you’d like on this step. Once you’re in “the zone” state of mind, close your eyes and focus on the power bubbling up inside of you.

Whenever you’re ready, put on a smile that best expresses the power you are feeling right now. It may have already happened just as a natural result to what you are thinking about. The smile that you are wearing right now is your “Power Smile”. It isn’t the same smile you wore at the beginning of this lesson. Your power smile is more mischievous, or even villainous. It has a powerful intention behind it. You look like you have a secret, but you’re waiting for just the right moment to let the world in on it.

In the modeling industry, this kind of smile is called “Smizing”. That’s because your eyes are doing more of the smiling than your mouth. This is the smile that a powerful businessman wears when he’s just about to close a big deal. This is the smile that a magician wears just before he reveals his shocking illusion that makes his audience stand up and cheer. This is the smile your cat gives you just as she’s about to knock that glass of water off of your kitchen counter.

Most people only wear this smile when the world or outside circumstances allow them to. But here’s the most important part of today’s lesson: YOU are the boss! YOU get to choose to wear this smile any time you like! Don’t wait for a good situation to happen to smile like this. You can decide to smile like this any time you like, and the situation will submit and conform! Power smile at your problems, your enemies, your mountains. Let them know you can’t be defeated!

Can you imagine smiling this way as someone who’s currently in the middle of chewing you out? Seriously, the next time someone loses their temper at you, try power smiling at them while they yell instead of just yelling back at them. What an ENORMOUS difference!! This is where the power of joy can be used as a weapon of defense. Angry words won’t get you anywhere; believe me, I know. A silent, knowing smile, however, will abruptly end a fight. Your opponent will become confused and angry. They don’t understand the mysterious power you somehow have over them, and they’ll have no choice but to give up and move on to someone their own size.


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