You Have More Authority Than You Realize.

When you’re in a positive and happy state of mind, chances are you’d like to stay there. So whenever you’re faced with a situation that compromises your good vibrations, you need to be aware that you have way more authority in the situation than you realize! You can actually WILL the negative person’s emotional state to synchronize with yours. You have the right and the power to allow your good vibrations to dominate.

It’s much easier to do when you don’t know the negative person very well. It takes a lot more willpower, though, when you’re invested in the relationship. Especially when you feel like lowering your vibrations to match theirs is your way of showing them compassion and understanding. You should know, though, that you’re only making the situation better by not indulging them in their negativity.

Staying on a constant positive frequency is an art, and it takes practice. The more you practice maintaining good vibes, the more you’ll build up a strong “emotional immune system”. That will prevent you from catching negativity from someone else, and your peace and well-being will not be affected.


So how can you practice maintaining your positive vibrations to work up that muscle? Try this exercise:

When confronted with negativity, instead of focusing on the person (or thing) that is contributing the negativity, focus on a sensation somewhere on your body. An itch, a minor ache, a tickle in your throat– just the act of focusing on that sensation is enough to distance you a bit from the situation, preventing you from having a knee-jerk reaction. Once you have your focus on that sensation, focus on stopping the uncomfortable sensation with your mind. When the sensation stops, you’ll be restored to a state of peace. It works like magic! And just like a tuning fork, you’ll bring your friends back to a positive state of being without them even knowing it!


What else can you command with your superpowers?

In New Thought philosophy, the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into your life. According to this belief, people and their thoughts are made from pure energy. Through the process of using a specific kind of energy to attract similar energy, we can improve our own health, wealth, and personal relationships. Basically, we can use the superpowers of our minds to attract the things we want in our own lives.

This practice of mind power typically combines affirmations with creative visualization. The idea is to replace limiting or self-destructive thoughts with more empowered, adaptive thoughts. In order to effectively change the negative thinking patterns, one must also use creative visualization to “feel” that the desired changes have already occurred. This use of positive thought and emotion is believed to attract positive experiences and opportunities.

If you prefer more traditional terminology, this is the simple concept of faith or prayer. It’s what Jesus was teaching when he multiplied the fish and commanded all those other miracles. Whether you’re praying to God, Spirit, Ancestors, or the Universe…. you are exercising your authority as a creator and spiritual being.


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