JOYkwondo Exercise #3: The Power Pose

Part 1: Watch this ted talk

Your training exercise today is to watch the Ted Talk Amy Cuddy did about her discovery of Power Poses. You’ll probably be inspired to actually try Power Posing for a couple of minutes, and that’s GREAT! Because that’s the second part of your homework assignment.

Part 2: try power posing

Choose a power pose to hold for two minutes. While doing that, close your eyes and practice this breathing exercise:

  1. Breathe in deeply for 3 counts
  2. Hold for 1 count
  3. Breathe out fully for 5 counts
  4. Repeat

Notice how you feel at the end of the exercise. Write a short reflection about your experience in the comments section below . If you’ve got a selfie in your power pose, share the link to that as well. Keep a copy of your pose experience for yourself in your portfolio, and remember to write a Joy Journal entry tonight before you go to bed!

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