JOYkwondo Exercise #5

Your exercise today is to figure out a name for your alter ego. You’re not married to the name. You can totally change it anytime you think of one you like better, so don’t feel too pressured. Once you’ve got your name, let’s take this exercise a step further.

Do a quick Google Image search to find a picture of a character that portrays your alter ego. Maybe a pic of a well-known movie character… or maybe just a stock photo of some nameless model. It doesn’t matter who it is. You can even choose more than one image to collectively represent you like your alternate self. The point of this photo is so you can have a mental image anytime you call on your alter ego to boost the effect.

Save the image in your portfolio, for whenever you need a little reminder of who you are when you’re in “the zone”. Don’t forget your Joy Journal entry tonight! You’ll thank yourself later.


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