JOYkwondo Training Exercise #8: Grow Your Hand

Start by putting your wrists together, and make sure they’re perfectly aligned:


Once your wrists are perfectly aligned, gently place your palms together and look at your fingertips. Inevitably, the tips of one of your hands will be taller than the other. Go ahead, see for yourself.


It’s not weird. Our bodies are full of imperfections. If we were perfectly symmetrical, we’d look like total mannequins. For the sake of this exercise, though, let’s get a smidge more symmetrical!

Hold up your smaller hand and focus on it. That’s right, face that hand and tell it who’s boss. You’re actually going to TELL your hand to grow. Out loud. And mean it! You can simply say “grow.” But I prefer to really lay in on it.

When you’re finished lecturing your hand, go ahead and line your wrists and palms back up. If you really took this seriously, you will have seen growth in your once smaller hand. Amazing, right?

There is a similar exercise that you can do, but it involves standing and twisting. If that’s not for you, that’s fine. try it out on your friends! It’s an excellent party trick. Here’s the exercise:

Stand up very straight with your feet together. Extend your arm out in front of you and point with your index finger. When you’re ready, without moving your feet, twist as far as you can behind you. Take a look at where you end up pointing.

Focus on an object that you’ve pointed to that marks the furthest you could twist. Now turn back around to the direction your feet are facing. Now decide that you can go further. Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath, and imagine twisting further than you did before. Now try it!

Did you see a difference? Again, this isn’t your body transforming in front of your eyes. This is just the body you already had, doing what it already could do! Isn’t that amazing?! Imagine what ELSE you can already do that you don’t even know about!

Training Exercise

For your training exercise, I want you to show this trick to two or three other people. Not because I need to prove to you that this really works. It works every time! The reason I want you to show others is that I want you to pay attention to how much this exercise builds them up. Watch them light up and laugh in disbelief. Enjoy their smiles and their wide eyes.

I want you to pay close attention to how much joy this exercise brings them. Pay even closer attention to how their joy actually makes YOU feel as a result. When you bring joy to others, you can’t help but feel joyful yourself. And that, my friend, is the KEY to this martial art of joy. More on that later.

Remember to write a Joy Journal entry tonight before you drift off to dreamland.

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