JOYkwondo Exercise #16: Life is Rigged in Your Favor

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” – Rumi

We’ve all been through the good and the bad. Sometimes experiences are SO bad that they leave everlasting emotional wounds. We have the choice, though, to either let those wounds oppress us or proudly wear them as battle scars from our incredible journey. Those who move beyond unhappy circumstances end up growing and strengthening. They “level up” like a video game character on an epic quest. They become better equipped to deal with future hardships headed their way.

Imagine adopting the outlook of living a life as if it was rigged in your favor. I’ll tell you exactly what that would look like:

It would enable you to start courageously standing up. You’d be empowered to fearlessly take on any circumstance, knowing everything would all turn out just fine. You would no longer label situations as “hardships”; you’d start calling them “challenges”. The things you once would have quickly labeled as “bad” now just “are”. Inevitably, you’d move into a more peaceful state of mind and naturally start looking at life in a more favorable way. You’d start seeing the beauty in the small things: the sunrise, the roses, the sound of laughter, even music you never allowed yourself to appreciate. You’d become grateful for all the things you have rather than sulking about the things you don’t have.

Who wouldn’t want to live like this? I think we can all agree that it’s a great way to live your life. What are we waiting for, then? I think it’s fear. Fear that we will happily walk into a terrible situation that there’s no getting out of. How can we know that life is REALLY rigged in our favor and that everything will turn out fine? There’s only one way to find out: Test it and test it and test it again until you’re convinced!

joykwondo Exercise

This exercise is easy: Decide something awesome is going to happen, and then go for a walk. For this exercise, there’s no need to believe for anything specific (you did that already with your vision board in exercise #9). This exercise has a completely different purpose: to get you into the habit of actively seeking and noticing the good things that happen to you all day long! Here’s how it works:

When you know that something awesome is about to happen to you, you’ll tend to actively hunt for that “awesome thing”. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning and running to the Christmas tree with a rock-solid faith that there are presents there waiting for you. So while you walk today, keep your head up and your eyes open for something particularly awesome to happen. It’s guaranteed to take place! And what’s cool is that when that “awesome thing” happens, you’ll question if that was THE “awesome thing” that you had coming your way, or if there’s something even better coming up around the corner! As a result, you’ll pay better attention to ALL the “awesome things” that happen to you that you may have missed had you not been looking.

Report your findings in the comments section below. Remember to keep a copy of your report for yourself. It’ll be fun to look back on and remember in the future. Also, don’t forget to write your Joy Journal entry for the day!

Advanced Level Training Exercise:

Choose a problem you’re currently facing and decide it’s going to work out fine. Then actively look for the solution to your problem to miraculously show up.

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