JOYkwondo Exercise #25: Get Someone Excited

If you can get someone excited about something, it’ll usually result in them being more readily influenced by you. But how do you purposely get someone excited without any effort on their part? One tried and true technique uses the art of storytelling. As emotional creatures, we are naturally drawn to stories. We crave conflict and resolution. We need a hero to relate with and a villain or obstacle to overcome. People have been telling stories as a means of entertainment for generations, and it is also a valuable sales and marketing tool. It taps into a deep desire that we are all born with.

As a storyteller, you are hugely influential to your audience. You become more relatable, and the audience enjoys the pleasure of riding an emotional roller coaster with you. As a result, the audience feels closer to you, and you earn their trust. So if you want your audience to feel excited, then telling them an exciting story will most definitely do the trick.

So what makes a good story? There are four basic parts:

#1: The Hook

The hook is what grabs your audience’s attention, so it should obviously come first. Start by saying something that makes their ears perk up. Something that says “Hey! We got drama!”

#2: The Conflict

The conflict is the part where you explain the situation. Be as descriptive as possible, even about the environment of the incident, so that the audience can really feel the hero’s angst. The audience doesn’t just need to know that the hero was stressed, but that he was also cold, “hangry”, and in a time crunch. Get vulnerable… if you cry, the audience cries. Just saying.

#3: The Breakthrough

Now you talk about the triumphant victory. The “A-Ha” moment that the hero has, the courageous decision to take action, and the final blow that ultimately destroys the opposition. Crisis averted.

#4: The Reflection

This is when you make the audience a part of the story, thus establishing a strong bond built on trust and friendship. You’re going to reflect on your story, answering the following questions:

  • What was your experience?
  • What did you learn?
  • What can they learn from you?

joykwondo Exercise

Tell a story. You can either write it or film yourself telling it, but tell an exciting story to influence your audience to do something. Use whatever cause you want; you can even use “the pen test” as I did if you like. The purpose of this exercise isn’t to get the audience to take your side, but to simply get the audience excited. If you can get people excited once, they’ll come back to you for more. It’ll be another JOYkwondo move to have in your bag of tricks.

Remember to keep a copy of your story for yourself. You can read or listen to it in the future to get excited and feel uplifted. Also, don’t forget to write your Joy Journal entry for the day!

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