JOYkwondo Exercise #24: The Unforgettable Triple Whammy Greeting

In today’s lesson, you’re going to learn a triple whammy JOYkwondo move that you can use to influence even the hardest of hearts. You can use this move on friends, enemies, or just people who are important to you that you want to influence for whatever reason. I’ve seen powerful leaders, master salespeople, and humble job seekers use this move. I’ve seen and personally experienced the heart-melting effects it has. In two seconds time, you can indulge one’s need to be seen, known, and touched… ALL AT ONCE! Here’s the move:

When you’re meeting or greeting someone that you are trying to win over (or gain power over):

1. Start by looking them straight in the eye while wearing your power smile (you know the one).

2. As you reach your hand out to shake theirs, say their name out loud while maintaining that eye contact.

3. Once they grab your hand, give them an added touch on the forearm while you shake hands.

Why is this move so powerful and effective?

Looking someone straight in the eyes lets him know that you see him. If he isn’t ready for that, it will throw him off guard and cause him to feel exposed and vulnerable. Maintaining that intentional eye contact will let him know that you are fully present and are registering him to your memory. This is when he will start to realize how important he is to you. If he wasn’t already feeling important and highly regarded, this is the moment when his warm fuzzy feelings will begin to set in.

People love to hear their own names. Anyone who’s ever done sales knows this tidbit of information. So you already win points for that. But whether this interaction is a first time meeting or not, saying the name will have a bonus effect: If you’re meeting the person for the first time, then saying his name lets him know that you heard the name and find it important enough to let it register in your brain. If it is not a first time meeting, then you’re letting him know that you remember him and that he is known. Most people expect to be forgotten, so it’ll catch him by surprise that you didn’t. This will bring a second wave of warm fuzzy feelings.

Lastly, the added forearm touch. This doesn’t need to be a creepy arm rub; just a touch. This will stand out to him as more than just a formal handshake. This is the business casual version of a hug! Because of our basic need for human touch, adding this touch during the greeting feels warm and welcoming. It feels like friendship. It will bring on that third wave of warm fuzzy feelings.

joykwondo Exercise

Greet THREE people today with the Triple Whammy Greeting. Record the receiving party’s reaction and the results that came out of this experiment. Did it bring the person joy? Did it cause them to want to have a conversation with you? Or maybe they felt a little TOO seen and it weirded them out! Write your findings in the comments section below.

Remember to keep a copy of your report for yourself. It’ll be fun to look back on in the future and celebrate how awesome you are. Also, don’t forget to write your Joy Journal entry for the day!

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