JOYkwondo Exercise #27: Being Seen and Heard

There’s no denying it: social media is addictive. If we’re not mindful about it, we can spend HOURS scrolling and posting and liking and hashtagging. It stimulates our brains in ways nothing else in this world can do. There’s a lot of stigma and judgment behind the use of social media, though. Many people call it evil and destructive, but I say social media platforms are a neutral but powerful means for advocating good OR evil. It isn’t the scrolling that does harm, it’s the scroller! Let’s take some responsibility, folks!

As social creatures, humans are ingrained with the biological need to connect with others and to feel understood. If that need goes unfulfilled, it causes loneliness, and it does some serious damage to both our physical and mental health. Social media platforms provide us the satisfaction of feeling heard, seen, and known. We all love having our moment in the spotlight, and when the opportunity so easily presents itself, we appreciate the “likes” and “adds” that let us know people are watching. Those “likes”, in return, cause us to feel the need to return the favor by liking and reposting other’s content. It’s an addictive cycle of liking and posting and liking again.


It’s been fascinating to me to watch the social media craze unfold. I was in college when social media platforms showed up on the scene. My friends and I were immediately hooked, but it wasn’t necessarily a terrible thing. I learned so much about my friends and coworkers, finding out the food they liked, the music they listened to, and the beliefs they held. It was a nice way of getting to know people a little deeper outside of school or work. I could also learn how to do anything I wanted by finding someone online who was teaching it for free. I thought it was great!

People accuse users of only posting the things they want others to see and hiding the dark or undesirable stuff. Honey, we’ve always done that! Even before social media. That’s just what we do as people in society. I too am guilty of being “work Erin” at work and then coming home to be “mom Erin”. And then I’m completely different if I’m out with my friends. Don’t blame social media for the plethora of emotional issues that those “masks” can cause; blame human nature!

I mentioned that I was in college when the social media craze began. I was going to school for music business and the entertainment industry. Seriously, about halfway through my degree, the classes went from teaching grassroots marketing to social media marketing practically overnight. So though I was fascinated by social media, I also wasn’t surprised to see it getting used as a way to earn money and fame. I wasn’t surprised to see that most of the content came directly and indirectly from advertisers. I also wasn’t surprised to see it used to bully people and control them. Again, don’t blame social media, blame the users. Let’s be honest. We all have good intentions for the most part, but sometimes the temptation is too great to pass up doing some evil if it gets us something good in return. At the end of the day: social media isn’t evil, nor is it pure. It just… IS!

So now that we’ve made some peace with social media in general, and now that you have almost completed a 30-day course in finding joy and making the world a better place to live in…

How can we bring social media and JOYkwondo together for the good of humanity?

Social media is here to stay. And like I said before, it can be used as a powerful tool to make the world a better place. It gives you the chance to reach people on the other side of the world! What do you want to do with that power? Here’s your chance to make a difference!

As an educated marketer and classically trained rock star, I feel qualified to give you some tips on driving your social media platform effectively. Are you ready to go viral?

  1. People tend to be more attracted to posts that feature a human face talking directly at them. It’s even more attention-grabbing if the speaker is direct, confident, and encouraging.
  2. It may sound obvious, but people are more likely to share or repost content that’s particularly relatable. If the video causes the viewer to think of someone in the same situation described in the video, they’ll most likely share it with that person (or community).
  3. Hashtags are a must. Hashtags help your post reach more than just your followers, so use hashtags that are commonly used (ie #blessed, #livingmybestlife, #mentalhealthawareness)

Now go forth and let your light shine… ONLINE!!

joykwondo Exercise

This training exercise requires a little bit of technology, but if you’re doing this online JOYkwondo experience, you most likely have everything necessary to complete it. You’re going to make a short video of yourself giving a motivational talk. You can pick the topic: career, health, love life, anything you want. Talk as if you were coaching someone who’d asked for your help or advice on a specific subject. Give us your own rendition of a pep talk! Remember to wear your power smile to get in the right state of mind, and then unleash your confidence and expertise.

This homework assignment has several purposes. For one thing, the reason I even built this website in the first place was to train up “joy gurus” and send them out into the world to motivate and inspire. This video will show you that you are ready and capable of going out and shining your light. The other purpose is so you can experience the joy of being seen and heard. We all have that need, and when that need gets met, it is so rewarding.

Of course, we can’t see you if we don’t know where to look: be sure to post the link to your video in the comments section, along with the topic you’ve chosen to speak on. Feel free to email me at joykwondo @ if you need help with any of the tech stuff.

How awesome will it be for us to create a whole index of motivational videos RIGHT HERE ON THIS PAGE to refer to whenever we need it?! Remember to save a copy of your video for yourself to watch over and over again and celebrate how awesome you are.

Don’t forget to write your Joy Journal entry for the day!

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